The Argus on Mervyn Peake Centenary

[The Argus ran a piece]( on the Mervyn Peake conference and exhibitions instigated by Professor Gray:

> Attention is about to return to the region with aficionados from across the world descending for the first ever Mervyn Peake Conference, organised by the University of Chichester and the Sussex Centre For Folklore, Fairy Tales And Fantasy, in July.

> Guest speakers include Peter Winnington, author of Peake’s authorised biography, and Sebastian Peake, Mervyn’s son, who now administers the Mervyn Peake Estate with his sister Clare Penate (who, coincidently, is mother to singer Jack Penate).

> Peake’s nonsense and poetry illustrations, including The Hunting Of The Snark and Rhymes Without Reason, will be on loan from his estate for an exhibition at the university’s Otter Gallery opening May 26.

> Across the city, at Pallant House Gallery, visitors have the chance to see a collection of Peake’s illustrations which, as with those at the Otter Gallery, were originally brought together for a show at Maison d’Ailleurs in Switzerland. This is the first time they have been put together for a UK show.

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