Interview for The Independent on Pullman’s Adaptation of Grimm’s Tales

Professor Gray was [recently interviewed by the Independent]( about Philip Pullman’s new adaptations of Grimm’s tales:

> Bill Gray, professor of English literary history at the University of Chichester, said: “This is really exciting. Philip Pullman is the right man; he tackles this stuff supremely well.”

> He said: “I think these old tales connect with very basic issues. There is something about the stories that, if not eternal, they are certainly classic.”

> Professor Gray, who founded the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy and who has written on Mr Pullman, continued: “Philip Pullman writes stunningly well. He deals with big issues including values and the meaning of life.”

> This comes amid a series of live action film adaptations of Grimm’s tales. These include two upcoming takes on Snow White – Professor Gray advised on Snow White & the Huntsman – which follow Red Riding Hood last year.

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